Here we are once again.

June 3, 2010

It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy what with classes and such. You’ll be happy to hear that I’m almost done, but I think I’ll have to redo my nutrition class… I really don’t care. xD

Any way.  Nothing new on stupid girl, still hate her guts. My hips hurting me so this one might be short, but I have a pleasant little story for all of you.

My boyfriend, Hannibal, has a nice truck, it’s a small FORD, very nice if you asked me. Yes… I said asked. You know what Hannibal did to that poor little truck? He wrecked it. That’s what he did to it. The poor thing rolled a few times and now we think it’ll be totaled. I wish I could show you pictures, but I’m not entirely in the mood to. Of course now we have to take the bus in the morning to school… Which sucks… But oh well, shit happens. I’m sure we’ll pull out perfectly fine, but something tells me things will get better soon. 🙂


Stupid Girl was Stupid.

May 5, 2010

We all know who stupid girl is, right? Let’s be honest, she’s not the brightest bulb in the pack. I mean she’s so dim even the Village idiot is like “holy shit, your stupid.” Well, today was her day to be a bitch. I mean, it got out of hand, and trust me if it happens tomorrow I’m going off, with or without my Chef there. I think I’ll ask him first too. “You don’t mind a bit of honesty do you chef?” and I’m sure he’ll answer with, “of course not, what are you going to be honest about?” And that’s when I’m going to lay it into Sam like there’s no tomorrow.

Today she decides is her day. First story of the day! I’m trying to hurry as fast as I can to get out of class because I’m done for the day and I would like to go. Well as I’m trying to walk by someone she pick’s up her speed and just as I’m passing Casey she makes me bump into him and then press against her. Out loud I’m like “oh you’ve got to be kidding me.” I’m tired of her shit already, as you all know. That’s the FIRST thing.

The Second thing is actually funny in my opinion. We were all finished with out sugar sculptures and I help my friend Crystle Chandelier out with a few pictures (Which there will be links to both of ours when I get them up) and we’re standing at this ‘chill room’ door.  Well Stupid girl’s already in there, I’m waiting beside Crystle because you know, I wanna see what’s gonna happen, that and I’m talking to John, making fun of him because, we all do. Well while we’re waiting Stupid Girl is taking FOREVER! I mean like friggen Armstrong could have landed on the moon three times and she STILL would be in the freaking chill room! Well finally Crystle was getting a little ticked and said, “are they going to get out of there today?” Stupid Girl gave Crystle a dirty look and trust me if I were closer I probably would have slapped the bitch, but instead, because at the time I was in a really good mood, I started laughing! It was the most HILARIOUS thing I had EVER seen! I mean! How immature are we!? I honestly think I should talk to Chef about this! It’s getting a little out of hand and honestly I’m getting really annoyed with it.

Crystle you know why I hate her, but I’m still annoyed with it all. I’m on your side though, so no worries there. I just hate all of the immaturity of it. I’m about ready to talk to any of the Chef’s! Hell I might even talk to Chef T about it! I know we work with people we hate in the industry. but there should at least be a line that SHOULDN’T be crossed, am I right or am I right?

Well this is all I have to report. I’ve not gotten any one to tell me a funny story about the last blog, so go check that one out and write something. Like I said, you can keep it anonymous.


The Blogger.

So it’s been a while.

May 2, 2010

Well it’s been a while, and I’m sure you all know what that means, right? That means that stupid girl hasn’t done anything stupid in a long time. But of course I have done a few stupid things. I cant remember at the moment what, but you know what I feel like dedicating to stupid stuff, so if you’ve done something stupid tell me about it, you don’t have to make it known who you are, just leave the comment and a phoney name and entertain everyone else. You don’t even have to write it about yourself, write it about someone else if you like.

I’ll be on in the next few days and when I return I’ll read whatever it is you all left. Until then, have a nice weekend and I hope you all don’t have anyone stupid screwing it up.


Saying I love you

April 24, 2010

Now-a-days is like saying ‘hey yea I like you.”

So what can I say that shows that I more than like you?
When I see your smile it makes me forget anything terrible.
When I see you walking away I feel my world disappear with it.
When I hear your laugh I know there’s nothing that can sound remotely as wonderful.
When your arms are wrapped around me I feel safe.
When your kissing me the world disappears.
When I have to fall asleep I feel depressed because I have to close my eyes.
When I’m dreaming, all I want to dream about is you.

So was that proof enough that I more than like you?

Dedicated to Hannibal.

Let’s make this perfectly clear.

April 23, 2010

This isn’t my first blogging ‘site’. I have another on LiveJournal. At the moment I’m just trying to get out into the world and see what exactly I can get myself ‘into’. So considering you have no idea who I am I will take the time to introduce myself. If you do know me just skip the next few paragraphs and read the funny stuff I will be writing at the bottom.

My name is Clarice, alright maybe it’s not, but I don’t like ‘telling’ who I really am to a world who doesn’t want to really know me. Any way, I’m a college student at Sullivan University for an AA in Baking and Pastry. I live with my parents at the moment and am dating a very handsome man named, or maybe his name isn’t, Hannibal. Like I said if you know me, you know who I am.

Any who. The following story is of no coincidence but I figured I would tell you all what happened to me yesterday. After arriving home from classes I decided that I would get something to drink. A mocha frap sounded amazing so I went into the kitchen and started to work on it. My mother has a frappe machine that she just bought and it’s pretty cool if I might say so myself. Well I do everything my mother had showed be the day before and place the lid on before placing it on the machine. If you’re wondering what the machine is just follow it here.

Well the coffee starts brewing and I’m not really paying attention, but I look back and hold it down like my mom had the day before because apparently it’ll go all over the counter if you dont hold it down. Well Im not really expecting the next part, but the machine starts to blend. Syrup and milk spill practically everywhere! It get’s on my white shirt for school and my pants as well. I look all over the place and it’s all over the counter, the other coffee maker and even the back door. I start to laugh because even I find this pretty funny.

Well I hope you enjoyed the humility I went through yesterday. Below are posts I made on my LiveJournal account, enjoy. I hope I learned my lesson. Oh and by the way, happy earth day.


And so the teasing starts.

April 18, 2010
Or maybe not so much starts, but ensue’s. Let’s make this clear, Hannibal and I… More I than Him, get teased about our relationship endlessly.

For instance! Take the conversation I had with my current Chef, Chef Μόνο, came up to me and very quietly started to talk to me.
"Which one are you dating?" He asked quietly.
"The one behind you." I whispered. Hannibal standing directly behind him.
"Which one?" He asked after looking around and then back at me.
"The only white hat." I whispered once more and watched Chef give a nod before walking off.
I go over to Joel and look around, tyring to talk to him but notice Chef ‘wave’ me over.
"Oh no." I whisper, thinking I’ve done something wrong.
I walk over and quirk a brow.
"Yes chef?" I asked.
"First off, he’s too tall for you and second, watch for rashes." He said and smirked, walking off.
My jaw drops and I’m pretty sure I’m blushing bright red from the comments.
I’m trying to think of something to say, but there’s nothing, he’d caught me completely off gaurd!
After who know’s how long I’m like "Chef…. I have no idea what to say to that!"
His response was, "I know."
I had finally thought of something, but he was gone when it had come to me. So when he finally returned I looked at him and finally said.
"First, I like tall guys and Second, I’m already used to it." And made him chuckle.

This, my friends, is why I must tell you all….. LEAVE US ALONE!

Hannibal I love you Darling.


April 15, 2010
Kaylee, Jessica have both decided on a name change so in consideration of this I will do so.
Kaylee changed her name to Apple Mary Wether.
Jessica changed to Crystle Chandelier….

Please don’t ask.  It was their choice and honestly I only wish to keep them happy as everyday they do the same for me. [inster ooh’s and aww’s here].  Their great friends.

Anyways!  On to stories!  So the other day I had decided to get a cup of coffee, it had been a while since my last cup and it was amazing to get one! Well I grabbed the creamer, because you cant have coffee without creamer, right? Well you might be able to, but I cant. Well I was about to pour it into my coffee when I remembered I should shake it first, so I did. Well as I was, the creamer went everywhere! I was like ‘…. shit." I quickly cleaned it up before telling everyone else about it. It was pretty funny because I wasn’t entirely expecting creamer to go everywhere!

In class today, 4/15/10, we were going to cut up carmel, dip it in chocolate and enjoy. Well yesterday we had to let it set up before we could do this, so today we walked into class and things were perfectly set up. While we were waiting for chef, we were checking the carmel out, bending it, because it was fun. Well Ki-ki, this guy in our class, he told us not to bend it like that. Well Apple Mary Wether, being how she was, looked at him and was like "look it’ll go right back to place." And it happened, went right back to place. Then she dropped it on the table and the edge of it broke. It was pretty freaking funny. Because none of us were expecting this, and the look on Apple’s face just added to the hilarity of it all.

We all did some pretty funny/stupid stuff in class today. We also ‘learned’ today that this girl in our class that WE do not like says the word ‘like’ a lot. In almost all of her sentences there has to at least be ten or eleven. Ok, that’s over exageration, but still, it’s pretty much close to the same thing, right?

Now a story on Hannibal! 😀 Yay, right!? Well a few days ago we were just sitting in his appartment, he was folding some clothes and I was reading this really awesome ‘collection’ of ‘stories’ called ‘Calvin and Hobbes.’ You know they’re awesome. Any way, he blows out a clandle of his to make a point of something, what, I can’t remember, but He tries to light it again, the only thing he could find was a lighter, this is gonna end bad, right? Well he found the lighter and picked up the candle. Just as I was about to say something he tilted the candle and wax came pouring out everywhere, all over his comic books, his coffee table and some clean linens. I sat there for a moment, a dumbfounded look on my face before I started cracking up laughing. He just stood there and sighed, I looked at him and was like "I was about to say something!" and he looked at me "why didn’t you!?" "Because by the time I processed the thought it had already happened." So we both cleaned up the mess of wax, I re-lit the candle, with a match he had found, and helped him further, he grabbed his pocket knife and took the wax off of the cover of his comics and off of the table, don’t worry no books or tables were harmed.  Hannibal, it is because of your imperfections that I find you absolutely adorable beyond beliefe, and what I love so much about you. Don’t be ashamed about this, only two other people will be pokeing fun at you, unless I tell you’re mother! 😀

Any way, enjoy your wonderful day and I’m sorry I’ve not been on in such a long time. I tried to make a promise to myself to write every day on here, but alas, I have been unable to.


Thumbs Up

March 22, 2010
Funny story! After meeting with a friend of mine, Lauren, we both were on our way back to Hannibal’s place. Well at one of the stop lights I lean over and give him a little smooch. I wasn’t counting on the fact that someone behind us was watching. Well Hannibal said that I had just scarred some kids in the school bus behind us and I looked to see if it was true and there was some guy in a school bus giving us a thumbs up.
Well I start laughing my ass of and Hannibal looks and starts to laugh as well. I mean, it was pretty darn funny! I didn’t think that anyone was really watching. So yes, that is our funny story for the day. I realllllly hope you enjoyed. I’m sure that guy did, now he has a story to tell his buddies when he gets home.


Wal-Mart Waltz… I think

March 20, 2010
 I have finally danced in Wal-Mart!
Why is this a wonderful feat?
I don’t really know.
I was actually hoping you would all tell me, but that’s doubtful considering NO ONES FRIENDED! Douche bags. … Oh… My… God… Google just helped me spell Douche bags correctly… How freaking funny is that!? Lol! Ok that’s over now. Anyways. Where was I? OH YEA! Wal-Mart.
Yes Hannibal and I danced in Wal-Mart the other night. It was romantic in a weird sort of way. At least up until we got confused about the dance. He and I are not the best dancers. I have a FB and if you saw what I posted today you would understand how bad exactly. 
Ok I’ve seriously got nothing left to say. So….
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
and I am too!
[Hannibal cant agree with this.]


Classical Lab

March 19, 2010
So it’s been a while since my last posting. For the usual reasons such as, School, friends, and my wonderful boyfriend Hannibal. I’m not complaining, but I figured I would let you all in on why I’ve not been on. So two weeks ago I had my end of the year final in my Classical Lab for school. It was a doozy. I didn’t fail, but I didn’t necessarily pass either. I’m alright with that though, because I didn’t fail. I know I’m going on to International. Now I brought this up because we are going to talk about a few other things.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever brought to your attention about a girl named…. Destiny. Yes we’ll name her Destiny. Destiny, isn’t the greatest cook ever, she’s rather lazy if you ask me. Very few people in my lab can handle her, it’s a wonder I did when we had to work on ice cream. It’s a wonder I didn’t stab her or shove her face into the ice cream maker… Anyways! When we went out to get our grades this past monday she was the first out. When she went out my friend Kaylee went next. Now while Kaylee was gone Destiny said she was moving on to International, not the greatest news ever. In fact I really wished I had heard otherwise, but I do wish her luck. Apparently Classical was the hardest class and will be the hardest class taken.

Of course while I was gone, after hearing I would be passing on, I went back in and Kaylee and I began to talk. "Did you hear her? She said that Chef called her flat iced Torte ‘awesome.’" That’s very unlikely to have happened. First of all because, I saw it and it wasn’t. Second, our chef does NOT talk like that. I have never heard the word ‘awesome’ even leave the man’s mouth. So Destiny must be high off of something.

It’s strange but there were two ‘cliches’ in that class. Us; Kaylee, Jessica, and I. Then them; Destiny, Valerie and Kim. There were two boys also in our class, but they wern’t really in the cliches, they talked to all of us. I’m not a huge fan of cliches, but I guess they just happen, like everything else in the world. I know this wont end until the end of next quarter and honestly, i cant wait.

Destiny has a way to piss me off, as well as everyone else I’m sure. Some people are more tolerant than others, though.