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The Awful Truth

December 30, 2010
Well I have come to the conclusion that in the past two years I have actually become an adult. I’m not entirely sure how that came to be, but I think college had something to do with it. I only realized this just now because first of all, I’m living in an apartment with my wonderful Hannibal. I’m going to college, which is exciting as ever. I hate life and yet at the same time I love it. I hardly ever see my parents, which is quite disheartening, but this is what grown-ups do, right? And lastly, I’ve grown a tongue of my own.
When first starting at my college I was this shy, not so talk-a-tive person. I acted kind of like a child, but at the same time I knew I had to grow up. It’s a bit unbelievable, right? Trust me I couldn’t even fathom that I had grown up at all until just now. It’s not like I wanted to, it just happened. I guess that is just what normally happens. One day you grow up, all you can hope is that what the future brings will be the best it can be. So far it’s been decent, not the best, but not the worst.
Christmas was a few weeks ago, my man was wonderful. Under the tree for him was, and please don’t make fun of me, I know he likes it so I got it for him;
1. Drunken Goat Cheese (Which, if your a Cheese person is fabulous.)
2. Tanzanian Peaberry (Introduced to him through a friend and very good.)
3. Candy
4. Candy
5. Chocolate, which to him is candy.
I hate to admit this, but the boy spoiled me worse than I could him. He got me;
1. Dessert Fourplay by Johnny Iuzzini [and Roy Finamore. (Which for a moment I thought it say Boy, ha!))
2. Italy The Country and Its Cuisine. (Boyfriend said that I should learn more about it. Last night I made Bolognese Sauce and it was spectacular.)
3. Bailey’s the Alcohol (Oh how I love this liquor.)
4. Assassins Creed Brotherhood (love it! ^__^)
5. Call of Duty Black Ops. (it’s decent, but I love my man for getting it, its fun.)
6. Games for the both of us Which include; Resistance 2&Fall of the man, Fear 1&2, Darksiders, and Call of Duty World at War.
7. Last but not least two movies; Zombieland and Super Troopers.
Needless to say, we both had a wonderful night. ^_^ I know I did. This has been the best Christmas by far.
Just as a little note; I’ve wanted Dessert Fourplay for so long. I’m a Baking and Pastry major and seeing what he has in his book just thrills me. I remember finding it for the first time and Borders and almost dieing when I looked at each recipe. By the way I suggest taking a look, if your at all interested in desserts then take a look. It’s such a wonderful book and he has such artful creations in it. (This is the type of Pastry Chef I want to be. At a nice little restaurant, cooking desserts.)
As much as everything else thrills me it was this that just set me off. I knew I wanted to do this in a restaurant, its just a shame that not a lot of people hire Pastry Chef’s now. I know one day I will find somewhere to cook these beautiful things. I want to be like that, just come up with a new dessert each night and serve it to someone. I would hope that they would enjoy it as well. I know it’ll happen, I can feel it in my heart that it will.
And so with this Awful ending I’m done. I’ve not written in a while, but at least now you all know.