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October 27, 2010

I’m deciding whether I should bring this subject up in the first place. I know how much attention it might attract considering how fragile it is. Well I guess I’ll start. I have a few gay friends. They go out with other people of the same sex and honestly I have no problem with it. Honestly I’m fine unless one hits on me, then I’ll tell them the truth. I love all of my friends no matter when, where, or how they are.

I think that they are wrong saying that there is a gene for gayness. That’s just stupid, that’s like saying there’s a gene for shopping very cheap. But you cannot stand in front of me and tell me that there is a gene telling you whether or not they will be gay or not. First of all, a man and woman can only have kids. Man on man, no, woman on woman, no. They either have to adopt or even plenty of other things. And to even say that is ridiculous.

Again, I have nothing against gay people. I’m not so ignorant that I’ll mistreat people like that. The fact that people bully them is not my fault what-so-ever. I know someone who got a few words to him and I almost went and hit the guy who said it to him. So again, I love all of my friends, no matter what they believe, I just don’t believe that. I’m pretty sure there are plenty other’s who believe me. I’m also certain that there will be others who will not believe this.

Bare in mind that I do not care what you think. This is my opinion, honest and hurtful, I am certain. But when is it that honesty is never hurtful?