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August 25, 2010

In all manners of speaking is… Nill.

Lets just say that when people talk about Religion it breaks apart families.
No, hear me for a moment. Take me for example. At this very moment, my mother and I discussing whether the Lord’s Rapture will be next year on May 21, 2011 oh and October 21, 2011. My mom has this ridiculous thought that on May 21st the Lord will return. Look, I don’t doubt that he will return, and I don’t doubt it will be soon, but more needs to happen in order for this to happen. I have talked to my Pastor, my father, my step mother, my Grandmother and even my boyfriend, who are all Harold Camping Insane. Yes, the man is nuts.

In 1994 he made the same accusation, and well, as we can all see… The Lord did not come back. I am full blown Christian, but even I call out phonies. I believe with my entire heart and soul that this man is not preaching for Jesus/Lord, what so ever. He has made jehovah’s witness claims, saying that Jesus was some Arch Angel M.ichael. There are also, if you listen, jehovah’s witness commercials on the Family Radio talk. I’m not against what anyone believe’s, thats for them to come to God, I have to make sure my relationship with God is thick as thieves one. (Don’t think that was a good analogy.) But when you have jehovah’s witness commercials on a Christian Radio, you know something has to be messed up there.

By the way, the reason I don’t care who other people pray to, is because my best friends Wicca, an ex of mine was jehovah’s witness, another friends atheist, and I even have a few catholic friends. They don’t try and make me believe what they believe… And I them. Hannibal is… Well I don’t know what he is. But I couldn’t care either way. I say, don’t judge me, I wont judge you.

Well that’s all for my…. Ranting. It has been a while, and please if you have your own views…. Don’t let me know… Keep them to yourself.



Stories & Update

August 4, 2010

The following subjects below all has a story if not from today than a previous day. Lets start with my first class and we’ll work our way through.

Wines Beers and Spirits: At the end of each presentation we are told to clap for five seconds, so after each presentation my class and I will clap for the individual and watch them walk off ‘stage’. We had three people left to go when the man went up, name will stay anonymous for the individuals safety. Know that we are not friends in any such way, the story is just something I wanted to share. Well after the five second clap for himĀ  a few people would give a little clap here and there. Our Wines Professor looked up and said, “we don’t want any smart asses here.” and of course, me being the way I am, I said, “well at least they aren’t dumb asses.” I bet any one would have loved to have said that.

Spanish: Hmm… Nothing really interesting ever really happens in here…

English: Nothing in here either. Just a lot of drama shit.

Public Speaking: Now this ones funny. I have two friends in this class, and because I think they deserve the notability I shall give it. Rabecca and Branden. They always keep me laughing and honestly I’m so happy to have met them both. ^^ I call Branden McCoy because he looks like the guy from Star Trek. Becca, we say that she’s fired from giving us candy, and by us I mean McCoy and I.

Any who, that’s my little update for you all. Just in case you all thought I was dead or something. And I’m not. Hannibal and I are still together, still live together and love each other. If any other questions, let me know.