Such a busy week

Standing on a bridge, watch the water passing under me
It mustÂ’ve been much harder when there was no bridge just water
Now the world is small, remember how it used to be
With mountains and oceans and winters and rivers and stars

Went to a Dave Matthews Concert, pretty awesome yo! ^__^ The most fun I’ve had in a long time. Hannibal took me and it really was fun. I’m glad he didn’t follow through with the whole taking someone else. I would have been really pissed off if he had anyway.

We made out a few times and the band only went on a ten minute break (I think it was five, but Hannibal said ten, and considering he’s a man I thought I would humor him.) Then after the break it was a few more songs and it was over. 😦 I was quite upset.

Now to the funny part! Yay! ^___^

So this week was Culinary Camp at school! Hannibal and I (against our better judgment… Look at the name.) went to help out! Well the kids were pretty good! Made things rather well and honestly I never had so much fun with my Chef’s in ages! Well yesterday (7/16/2010) one of the students asked a question I never thought people would ask… Ever…. And …. I am now going to put what it was… “How do you measure water?” …. Really?…. Really?…. -_- Your hands. -Nods; That’s how. HOW ELSE DO YOU! Ugh!…. >_< Anyways!….

Other than that… Hiccup… It’s been fun! ^___^ Hannibal and I have been having so much fun! (He thinks he has a crush from one of the 12 year old girls. I told him he’s too old and if he pursues not only will I leave him, I’ll turn him in.) (And their 17…. They just act 12.) xD Ok that’s all! ^___^

:O ONE MORE THING! Drama! Ok so Monday a friend of ours had a crush on these two girls in his Baking lab. And that night we went to dinner with them, hung out, had fun and we found out that the girls stalked our friend, put their numbers in his phone and then texted him. I was like “dude…. Your too young for him. Get over it.” Bleh! The guy’s 25! >_< … But yea. Finally the girl that he was actually with, his girlfriend, Texted back and was like “I’m trying to hit up on the girl in front of me and if you text again I’ll have her deal with you.” I was totally for it. If that happens with Hannibal so help me!!!

But that’s it! Hope you enjoyed! ^___^

(NO MORE STUPID GIRL BY THE WAY! 😀 So happy about that. ^___^)



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