Here we are once again.

It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy what with classes and such. You’ll be happy to hear that I’m almost done, but I think I’ll have to redo my nutrition class… I really don’t care. xD

Any way.  Nothing new on stupid girl, still hate her guts. My hips hurting me so this one might be short, but I have a pleasant little story for all of you.

My boyfriend, Hannibal, has a nice truck, it’s a small FORD, very nice if you asked me. Yes… I said asked. You know what Hannibal did to that poor little truck? He wrecked it. That’s what he did to it. The poor thing rolled a few times and now we think it’ll be totaled. I wish I could show you pictures, but I’m not entirely in the mood to. Of course now we have to take the bus in the morning to school… Which sucks… But oh well, shit happens. I’m sure we’ll pull out perfectly fine, but something tells me things will get better soon. 🙂


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