Let’s make this perfectly clear.

This isn’t my first blogging ‘site’. I have another on LiveJournal. At the moment I’m just trying to get out into the world and see what exactly I can get myself ‘into’. So considering you have no idea who I am I will take the time to introduce myself. If you do know me just skip the next few paragraphs and read the funny stuff I will be writing at the bottom.

My name is Clarice, alright maybe it’s not, but I don’t like ‘telling’ who I really am to a world who doesn’t want to really know me. Any way, I’m a college student at Sullivan University for an AA in Baking and Pastry. I live with my parents at the moment and am dating a very handsome man named, or maybe his name isn’t, Hannibal. Like I said if you know me, you know who I am.

Any who. The following story is of no coincidence but I figured I would tell you all what happened to me yesterday. After arriving home from classes I decided that I would get something to drink. A mocha frap sounded amazing so I went into the kitchen and started to work on it. My mother has a frappe machine that she just bought and it’s pretty cool if I might say so myself. Well I do everything my mother had showed be the day before and place the lid on before placing it on the machine. If you’re wondering what the machine is just follow it here.

Well the coffee starts brewing and I’m not really paying attention, but I look back and hold it down like my mom had the day before because apparently it’ll go all over the counter if you dont hold it down. Well Im not really expecting the next part, but the machine starts to blend. Syrup and milk spill practically everywhere! It get’s on my white shirt for school and my pants as well. I look all over the place and it’s all over the counter, the other coffee maker and even the back door. I start to laugh because even I find this pretty funny.

Well I hope you enjoyed the humility I went through yesterday. Below are posts I made on my LiveJournal account, enjoy. I hope I learned my lesson. Oh and by the way, happy earth day.



2 Responses to “Let’s make this perfectly clear.”

  1. Miss Crystal Chandelier Says:

    Leave it to you. Wish i could have been there to make fun of you. Check out my site. Brookesikes.com

    i haven’t updated it in a long time and there are some broken videos but o well ill get back to it.

    I also use wordpress but bought my own domain to you with it. If you need any help just ask. i’m very familiar with WP. Used to work for a computer and internet company.

    • randomblogger10 Says:

      I checked it out chick, looks pretty cool. Liked the clip of pheobe you put up, you should probably work on it though. It looks like it’s been a while since you last worked on it as well, especially with the date like that.

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