And so the teasing starts.

Or maybe not so much starts, but ensue’s. Let’s make this clear, Hannibal and I… More I than Him, get teased about our relationship endlessly.

For instance! Take the conversation I had with my current Chef, Chef Μόνο, came up to me and very quietly started to talk to me.
"Which one are you dating?" He asked quietly.
"The one behind you." I whispered. Hannibal standing directly behind him.
"Which one?" He asked after looking around and then back at me.
"The only white hat." I whispered once more and watched Chef give a nod before walking off.
I go over to Joel and look around, tyring to talk to him but notice Chef ‘wave’ me over.
"Oh no." I whisper, thinking I’ve done something wrong.
I walk over and quirk a brow.
"Yes chef?" I asked.
"First off, he’s too tall for you and second, watch for rashes." He said and smirked, walking off.
My jaw drops and I’m pretty sure I’m blushing bright red from the comments.
I’m trying to think of something to say, but there’s nothing, he’d caught me completely off gaurd!
After who know’s how long I’m like "Chef…. I have no idea what to say to that!"
His response was, "I know."
I had finally thought of something, but he was gone when it had come to me. So when he finally returned I looked at him and finally said.
"First, I like tall guys and Second, I’m already used to it." And made him chuckle.

This, my friends, is why I must tell you all….. LEAVE US ALONE!

Hannibal I love you Darling.




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