Kaylee, Jessica have both decided on a name change so in consideration of this I will do so.
Kaylee changed her name to Apple Mary Wether.
Jessica changed to Crystle Chandelier….

Please don’t ask.  It was their choice and honestly I only wish to keep them happy as everyday they do the same for me. [inster ooh’s and aww’s here].  Their great friends.

Anyways!  On to stories!  So the other day I had decided to get a cup of coffee, it had been a while since my last cup and it was amazing to get one! Well I grabbed the creamer, because you cant have coffee without creamer, right? Well you might be able to, but I cant. Well I was about to pour it into my coffee when I remembered I should shake it first, so I did. Well as I was, the creamer went everywhere! I was like ‘…. shit." I quickly cleaned it up before telling everyone else about it. It was pretty funny because I wasn’t entirely expecting creamer to go everywhere!

In class today, 4/15/10, we were going to cut up carmel, dip it in chocolate and enjoy. Well yesterday we had to let it set up before we could do this, so today we walked into class and things were perfectly set up. While we were waiting for chef, we were checking the carmel out, bending it, because it was fun. Well Ki-ki, this guy in our class, he told us not to bend it like that. Well Apple Mary Wether, being how she was, looked at him and was like "look it’ll go right back to place." And it happened, went right back to place. Then she dropped it on the table and the edge of it broke. It was pretty freaking funny. Because none of us were expecting this, and the look on Apple’s face just added to the hilarity of it all.

We all did some pretty funny/stupid stuff in class today. We also ‘learned’ today that this girl in our class that WE do not like says the word ‘like’ a lot. In almost all of her sentences there has to at least be ten or eleven. Ok, that’s over exageration, but still, it’s pretty much close to the same thing, right?

Now a story on Hannibal! 😀 Yay, right!? Well a few days ago we were just sitting in his appartment, he was folding some clothes and I was reading this really awesome ‘collection’ of ‘stories’ called ‘Calvin and Hobbes.’ You know they’re awesome. Any way, he blows out a clandle of his to make a point of something, what, I can’t remember, but He tries to light it again, the only thing he could find was a lighter, this is gonna end bad, right? Well he found the lighter and picked up the candle. Just as I was about to say something he tilted the candle and wax came pouring out everywhere, all over his comic books, his coffee table and some clean linens. I sat there for a moment, a dumbfounded look on my face before I started cracking up laughing. He just stood there and sighed, I looked at him and was like "I was about to say something!" and he looked at me "why didn’t you!?" "Because by the time I processed the thought it had already happened." So we both cleaned up the mess of wax, I re-lit the candle, with a match he had found, and helped him further, he grabbed his pocket knife and took the wax off of the cover of his comics and off of the table, don’t worry no books or tables were harmed.  Hannibal, it is because of your imperfections that I find you absolutely adorable beyond beliefe, and what I love so much about you. Don’t be ashamed about this, only two other people will be pokeing fun at you, unless I tell you’re mother! 😀

Any way, enjoy your wonderful day and I’m sorry I’ve not been on in such a long time. I tried to make a promise to myself to write every day on here, but alas, I have been unable to.



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