Here’s to Chef.

So last night I kept tossing and turning. I haven’t been sleeping properly in ages. I’m sick and tired of not being able to sleep for the past few days, so for now I’ll blame it on Chef. Not because I want to, but because I can. It’s a darn good thing he wont be reading this, and he doesn’t know who is writing this! So I’m CLEAR! Ha! … Yea I’m tired.
Last night I had a dream with my chef in it, yes again. It’s not like I intended for this to happen, it just did. Nothing happened this time, at least. He was just simply there, like he was my step dad or something. -_- Although, and no offense to my step dad, he would probably be better to my mother than the douchebag shes married to….
Oh well. Oh shit, I forgot, this was supposed to be funny.
Well if you wanna laugh I guess the funniest thing that happened in the dream was my boyfriend, Hannibal, threw up in it. I know that really isn’t funny, but I was laughing my ass off! Well… This is a rather short one, so if anything else comes up today I’ll be sure to add something to it.


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