You call that Acting!? HA!

So my wonderful boyfriend, Hannibal, took me out last night. The highlight of the night was… Me laughing at Leo De-Crapio near the end of his new movie "Shutter Island." It was really funny, the end of it.
I was laughing hysterically. I cant stand that man! And yet there I was, watching his movie. Now understand from my point of view, which I’m sure one of you wont, why it is I hate him. He cant act, but the people who can are in the movie as well. I think Martin Scorsese saw this as well when Leo was in The Departed. Man cant act, cant even hold an accent. Now, I don’t want to ruin the movie but near the end of it Leo’s like ‘NOOOOOOO!" And I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I think everyone looked up at me like ‘wtf?’
What can I say? I really really hate that man.
It was crap as well. I was expecting something scary and it wasn’t! I was really looking forward to jumping in my seat repeatedly. I only did it once! And he was lighting a friggen match! [I think, I cant remember.]
See, that movie was so bad Im already trying to forget it, and I only just saw it yesterday.

I cant complain about the rest of the night though. I had fun with Hannibal and his friends, they didn’t want to kill me yet, which I was really happy about. They ate suchi and later he took me to get dinner at Applebees, which I’m very thankful for because I was starved! I just don’t like suchi and the food they had looked really unappetizing, oh and I don’t like buffets, you can all blame my sanitation teacher for that one! ;D

Anyways that’s about all. Nothing funny at all. Oh except for when I laughed my ass off at Leo’s crappy acting. -_______-
I choose the next movie, by the way, lol. Alice in Wonderland!? 😀
Yes, yes.



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