Series of Unfortunate Events

"I’m sorry to say that this is not the blog you will be laughing at. The blog you are about to read is extremely unpleasant."
Yes the above line I stole from the movie "Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events." Please, if you will, forgive me. Althought I’m not entirely sure about the not laughing part. The entire point of comeing out with this blog was to allow someone to read and enjoy themselves, not read and really wished they hadn’t. So the following stories I will come up with outrageous plots to just so you’ll be able to laugh and I’ll be happy at the idea that you had. Yes the idea, I’m not entirely sure if you are laughing because I’m not actually there with you while you read it.
So here’s yesterday, not in a nutshell, but in a funny way.
I ate oreo’s. I love Oreo’s. They are the most delicious things ever, besides chocolate chip of course. What’s better than a chocolate chip coookie? A home made chocolate chip cookie. The one’s you make from scratch or your mother even makes, grandmothers count as well. Now what does a cookie have to do with anything, one might ask? Well let’s suppose that the cookie made me sick. The entire day, yesterday, I spent writhing in pain just because I ate five of those delicious cookies. I only limit myself to five because if I eat any more than that I’ll be… Well… Writhing in pain. You could imagine my utter shock when I was after five cookies yesterday. At first I thought it was the pants I was wearing, no it was not the pants I was wearing. Then I thought it was because of the milk, so I checked the expiration date, nope not the milk. The only thing left were the cookies. My wonderful Oreo cookies. How could they do such a thing to me. I suppose in a way I deserved it.
Well before the cookies made me sick my laptop decided to act up. I really wished it hadn’t, but I suppose things happen. My wonderful laptop is sitting in my room, right now, trying to charge. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll even be able to get on again, but one can hope. My cat ate the end of my cord, the part that sticks into the computer. My cat is a little cord eating… Blah! I knew it was her because the dogs don’t do stuff like that. So last night, in order to talk to… Hannibal on the internet, I stayed off of it. At about 8 o’clock I get on to see if he is and no, he isn’t. Ten minutes later my computer decides to shut off on me because it’s running out of battery. Blasted thing. I tried everything in my power so it WOULDN’T do that.
The last unfortunate story that I’m sure will make you all laugh. I was extremly tired last night, after the cookie thing it was hard not to be. Being sick makes one tired, at least for me it does. So I went inmy room, bringing my now dead laptop and setting it aside before I lay down and tried to fall asleep. I couldn’t. For some reason my final came to might and I started to hyperventilate. Well I sat up so I wouldn’t faint, I know I’m an idiot, but logic was all but gone at this moment. Upon sitting up I started to cry and rock back and forth. I tried to reason with myself that, hey it’s only because I’m away from Hannibal. No it wasn’t, it was the practicle. Why would I be crying over the fact that I’m no where near Hannibal? Makes no sense, right? Well here’s the funny part. I passed out on my bed twenty minutes later.

As I think over every thing that happened yesterday I find it incredibly stupid that I had cried over a stupid little final. I know I’ll do perfectly fine, in fact I know I’ll pass that final with flying colors! I’m not scared and there really is no reason to be! I’ve made everything once now and I’m sure I’ll do perfectly fine again. The only thing I’m really worried about is the Genoise and it’s only because I cant remember how to mix it. I don’t like putting things together wrong… That and I think I mised the wrong amount, oops.

Anyways, I’m sorry if this didn’t make you laugh. If it didn’t I send you this just so I have the condolance that if that didn’t make you laugh, this will. Follow the link and You’ll see. ^__^



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