Kids, Don’t Chat Speak.

How many of you actually text talk? I mean go out into the world and while in a conversation say, and I quote, “Oh JK, LOL.”
Well my friend, if you do you deserve, in the lightest terms, to be shot in the head. I cant stand it when people talk like that, in a cell phone conversation!? Go freakin crazy! But if you met me in a bar, or cafeteria or something I hear you say one stupid little chat speak thing… I will punch you in the face and never talk to you again. Today my friends and I were having a serious conversation about people who talk like that. It actually started out as my friend Lily saying ‘JK, haha,’ mocking this girl in our class. Now, I know she was kidding, but I still gave her the ‘death glare’. At least something close to it.

Of course our conversation grew and things got better, she’s never going to talk like that again, at least not in front of me, and I wont kill anyone. That my friends is what I call.. A Run On sentence. Not something I favor,  but something that simply came up because I had a lot to say and I said it. So deal with it. Well my friends I have one more thing to say about text talking. It’s shows, to me, how much of an idiot you are. If you are offended by this… Ask your friends. What do they think every time you say, ‘hey! wtf mate? Jk lol.” It’s freaking ridiculous. If you don’t know how to actually put a sentence together while talking then maybe, just maybe, you need to go back to the first grade. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but the way you’re talking clearly shows that you are indeed an idiot.

Now if you’re a Senior in High School, rethink it as well. Junior, yes. Sophomore and lower, no. College most definite. Please this only gives other people more ammunition to fire at you when they make fun of you! So as much as I wanted this to be hilarious, it actually turned into a lesson. Kids, don’t chat speak. It’s really hazardous to your College career. How do I know? My Chef, I go to a Culinary arts thing, said it himself. He found it ridiculously annoying and I could see it in his eyes that he really wanted to slap a bitch when she said it. I do every time I hear her.

Have a fantastically wonderful day lovelies.



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