Dream Continues!

Ok so try dating someone that teases you for dreaming about someone you weren’t entirely expecting to dream about in the first place!
Yesterday, if you don’t recall, I put up a blog about a dream I had with a certain… Someone. I’m not sure if I got too detailed about it, but I’m going to keep that part private. Anyways! So last night he and I kept making fun of the fact that I had in fact dreamt about this man. So when we were in ‘bed’ I just smirked and after having… Fun… I moaned softly and cuddled into him before softly saying "oh Steven."
That’s not my boyfriends name, his name is Hannibal if you all recall.
Anyway! He started laughing and so did I. But before that when we were on his couch, I told him I almost said, "hi Steven," when he walked in. As you all can see, this has now, casually, turned into a little game. So when I see Ch- Steven today I’m going to be like ‘now I remembered why I skipped class yesterday.’ Yes I skipped class because of how…… That dream was.
Anyways, I thought I would fill you all in on what this dream and turned me into. A hooker, apparently.
Hannibal says that as long as he’s involved he doesn’t mind if I’m having an orgy with Steven….
Oh gosh, I have to stop. Bye.


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