So I have to now admit that I am immensely clingly. I realize this as I sit at my boyfriends place, on his laptop, and waiting for him to get back from class today. How do I know this? Because I am at his place, sitting on his chair, using his laptop waiting for him to get back. Does this make sense or no? To me it makes perfect sense. To him I’m certain that I am a really clingy girl. For that I must apologize to him for. I think it’s time I changed when it came to that. But! I must point out that maybe thats just how I am? Maybe I like to be clingy. At least I’m clingy in the sense that I can build my own life otherwise I think he would have ditched me a long time ago.
I’m surprised he hasn’t ditched me yet! Do I not bug him enough? Am I not clingy enough? Maybe he likes clingy girls? Maybe one day he will get annoyed. I just hope’s he brings this to my attention before he breaks up with me, that would be a nice thing.
"Well Clarice, I thought I would break up with you. You are far too clingy."
"Well, Hannibal Lector, maybe you should have just sat me down and discussed this with me. Being clingy is nothing to break up with a person over."
"Yes but there are different degree’s of clingy-ness and yours seems to be the worst. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to let you go."
"Well then Hannibal I’m just going to have to turn you in, aren’t I?"
"That really wouldn’t make sense considering you are the one going out with me."
"Good point. Wait we’re still going out? Didn’t you just break up with me?"
"Yes, but I decided I would give you another shot."
"Woah, woah, woah! I never said I wanted another shot. So maybe we are over!"
"No, you’ll be back."
"No I wont."

Ok so maybe the entire conversation wont go out like that exactly, but that’s how it went in my head. Notice how I used the two from ‘Silence of the Lambs.’ Don’t ask where it came from, I just love that movie. Any ways! I hope this has, as always, been enlightening for you. People break up over silly stuff and honestly breaking up with me just because I’m clingy is a little shallow if you ask me! Of course I put this while Hannibal is gone. No we’ve not broken up, I just hope that if we do it’s not over the fact that I’m clingy. I can be very un-clingy if he asked. I would just have to work on that.

My last boyfriend, Paul, broke up with me because in his words I was ‘clingy’. He could have just talked to me! Now look at what he’s missing out on! ME! Yes I am the coolest girl ever now. I have a future in my eyes, I’m going somewhere but you know what he wanted to do? My bestfriend apparently, Allegra.

[If you haven’t noticed, these are all names from the move Hannibal. 🙂 I feel rather proud of myself for this, because that movie rocks as well.]

This is the end of that rant. I hope I haven’t put a damper on anyone’s mood, but that’s just my opinion and I will state things as I please.


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