New Day, new Journal! Yay!
So today I was thinking to myself, hmm my boyfriend loves italian food. How strange, and he’s going out with an italian woman… How, also, strange. Alright so it’s not that strange, but then I thought about a conversation that I might actually bring up with him.
"So you like Italian food and your going out with a partially Italian woman."
[By partially I mean I have other ethnicities in me, but I’m proud of my Italian heritage.]
"Yes, and?" He might ask.
"Well. You like Italian food, so you must like me because I’m Italian and I must taste good for that reason."
[Of course that was much funnier in my head.]
Hopefully here he would laugh his ass off, but I very much doubt it now, because…. It was funnier in my head.
Everything that’s funnier in your head alwaysturns out not to be funnier in all actuality.
Such a shame, aye?
Oh well, that’s the end of that.
I must get ready, I’m off to my boyfriends place.


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