Sex Battle

 So last night while I was at my boyfriend’s apartment I came up with an idea of just opening up a random blogging account. Of course this isn’t the best place to blog considering it’s a ‘LiveJournal’ account. This was the only place I could think of that I could ‘blog’ on. Now lucky me, soon after coming up with this idea for the blog, what I should write about came up this morning.
I’ll start from the beginning though, just so we’re all on the same page
The first day my boyfriend brought me back to his place, it was kind of awkward. Now, it wasn’t because it was my first time at his place. He’s a pretty easy going guy, very easy to just lean against and talk to, or even fall asleep against. It was while we were having one of our ‘talks’ that the apartment to our left made a loud noise. Both he and I were just like ‘hold on’. So we both shut up and waited. Thankfully we were ‘rewarded’ for our patience. A few minutes afterward we hear another loud moan and the woman just scream. He and I just burst out laughing, because we really weren’t expecting this.
Well the following night I sleep at my house and before I go to bed I’m eagerly looking forward to talking to my man, you know the newly dating couple thing. We talk on Facebook and just IM each other. Well while we were talking, apparently he heard a little giggle next door, it was a kids giggle apparently. This sparked a whole new story with us and those neighbors. Apparently he’s never met them but we have passed by them and just giggle to ourselves as we pass them.
The story we came up with is as follows. He got her pregnant, that’s when the kid came in, and she didn’t tell him for a while before finally he walked out of his apartment in anger because he had just told him. It’s not much but it keeps us laughing.
Today while we were in the kitchen I saw him stuff something in his jacket pocket, I already knew what it was but I thought I would mess with him for a second.
‘Why are you stuffing a condom in your pocket? Who exactly are you banging at work?"
He pulled out a small package of tea, yes I already knew it was tea.
"Why would I have a condom in my pocket?" He asked me.
"You never know when you’ll need it." I told him, "you never know if one day I’ll come in the kitchen and just like… Push your pants off and fuck you in here."
Ladies and gentlemen, you should have seen the look on his face, no it wasn’t shock it was more of ‘really now?’ So now I have to do it or else he’ll think I lie a lot.
I know, too much information, right? Wrong, because I could get much more detailed than I have. Well back to the story of the neighbors.
This morning while the ‘old man’ and I were sleeping, yes I like to call him an old man, that’ll be another blog another day. While we were sleeping we suddenly hear this small moan, I know he heard it because we talked about it later. Well we ignore it thinking it’s something else and then the girl gets loud again, waking me the hell up. So I wait an hour for Joel to wake up and another thirty minutes to talk to him about it. Because when we first wake up I like to take every opportunity to kiss this man. Anyways, I brought it up and he said he thought he heard something and we were both right. The people next door were having sex from five until six in the morning. Maybe a little earlier than 5.
Well the whole reason I brought all of that up is because I wanted to lead into this. After we heard the girl the first time get loud I knew I had to get as loud as her. So since then we’ve been having a ‘screaming’ battle to see who could be the loudest. We’re still winning.
That leads me into the ending of this blog. Which is what? I don’t even know. I guess it’s ‘have fun with your neighbors while you can, you never know when you’ll get into a sex battle to see who can be the loudest.’

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